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    Where have you had your will made as a single parent?

    where would you recommend?
    how much did this cost you?

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    Morning TRJG,

    I had a will when i was married and amended by a solicitor when things changed. A really good deal just now is many life insurance brokers throw wills into the deal. Google life insurance with free wills or head to money supermarket.

    If its just a will any family solicitor can help. Online can be cheaper but you don’t get the benefit of face to face for the questions.


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    Hi trjg. Online is fine if straightforward, ie your home is to go to children.Its the only asset you have and their are no distant relatives that may try and make a claim.I did it this way it cost approx £35

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    I needaliein

    Hi TRJG, It can help to keep costs down in future (once you have a basic will in place) to deal with minor changes in a letter outlining your wishes- this can be referred to in the will. It can cover things that are likely to change over time but are requests rather than legally binding- eg. My MIL had one detailing what she wanted to happen to her pets for example. She could update the contents of the letter over the years without incurring additional legal fees. So long as it’s kept with the will it can really help those left behind to know what you would want to happen. Can be useful to know of any specific funeral requests too- I know it’s a depressing thought, but we found it really hard to make even simple decisions about what MIL would have wanted in the immediate aftermath.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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