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    Hello, I am brand new to this and looking for some help, advice, reassurance… anything really. Please don’t judge me 😢

    I have recently found out I am pregnant, I am not with the baby’s father and we have no plans on being together.
    I live alone in a mortgaged house with my 7 year old daughter from a previous relationship so I already receive a small amount of universal credit

    I work, have a pretty good job, decent wage and have just started working towards my degree 🙈

    My dilemma is I am terrified to tell universal credit I am pregnant again, to a different father to my little girl, and I am still single. I feel embarrassed and I have crippling anxiety to top it all off!!
    I haven’t told my family yet but the baby’s father is being pretty supportive, he says it’s a decision we need to make but he will support me even though we haven’t discussed maintenance or how we would co-parent yet:

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am terrified 😢

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    good news, we are not yet living in the dark ages any more. You will not be stoned in town centre and buried outside the cemetery wall. Ok. Serious, no consequences as it is the second child and UC restrictions are not in place for two child families. It doesn’t matter at all, who what or what not the father is. I don’t think you have to declare the pregnancy anyway as you are working and it has no consequences on your ability to find work. But I am sure someone here will know. Enjoy your pregnancy and declare the child when it is due or when you have an actual change in circumstances, like less income due to maternity leave.

    Good luck

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    deep breathe and relax – you’re fine, there’ll be no judgement as they’ve seen it all!
    you don’t need to declare the pregnancy to UC until you’re on mat leave (as your income will change then) and they don’t give any extra pennies until it’s born – so update you UC journal online with baby’s birth details and name once you’ve registered the birth. If you’ve declared you’re living alone and are single they don’t ask for paternal details. My ex fled the city when I was pregnant – he’s since fled the country 🙄 I was really nervous about applying for UC and going into the job centre to provide proof of ID but everyone has been really lovely and most communication is online via the journal.
    One thing I learnt; I was only planning to take the paid mat leave as I couldn’t afford any unpaid leave but you’re entitled to UC during the period of unpaid mat leave you’re entitled to. although the purse strings have been tight this has meant I’ve been able to take the full year of maternity leave followed by accrued annual leave, I’m so glad I got to spend longer with babe especially since lockdown has eased and we’ve been able to go out and meet people.

    you’ve got this mama x

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