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    Hi all

    I am travelling as a single mum on Saturday. I am taking my eight year old to Lapland and it is a dream trip I have saved for. My daughter has a different surname to me and I am freaking out as I have been told I need a letter from her dad saying  he gives permission for her to travel! Does anyone else have experience of this??? I have travelled with her alone before before we separated (he didn’t like holidays) and as long as I have had her birth certificate and with some quite intrusive questioning I have been fine but I have been told that some countries are stricter now. He knows I am taking her but I think it is extremely unlikely he will do a letter now (he doesn’t answer his phone except on days he has her!). Am so worried that we will get to the airport and will not be allowed to fly. She is a bright and confident 8 year old so am sure she could answer questions but am so worried, any advice appreciated

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    I travel with my son regularly. I have been asked once for proof that I am his mother.

    Take her birth certificate, and something else that proves your address is the same as your daughter  NHS cards or E111?

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    Hi, what childcare arrangement do you have in place? If you have sole residency then you have the right to take your child abroad for up to a month, if you have shared residency then you need permission. I have travelled twice abroad with my three year old since separating and have not been asked once for proof, despite carrying around the court order just in case. Birth certificate and proof of address sounds like a good idea too. Hope it all goes well!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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