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    I have 3 children 2 of which have autism. Recently I left a toxic relationship – in May. He then died. I feel lonely and that I will be on my own for life.

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    Hi Lynsey,

    Your three sound like a handful. Well done for coping. What are you up to today? I’m cooking while trying to wrap presents that are hidden in a cupboard so my son doesn’t see. At this rate there’ll be cellotape in the mince pies.

    I’m just here with my son. It can get lonely, I think it’s the thought of everyone else having big family gatherings. I’ve got the radio cranked up, and the tv on. Doing my best – it’s all I can do.

    How much support do your kids need? Are they ok to play together while you get on with everything? There must be millions of us across the UK doing a sort of manic Xmas juggling act  😓

    What’s your coping mechanism? I’ve got some premix G&ts in the fridge and once he’s in bed I’m going to lie in a bath, with candles & music and get quietly fuzzy.

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    Hi there.  Sorry to hear you are going through a difficult time.  I am sending you an email with information of agencies that can provide some support for you.  Take care GingerbreadJustine

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    Sorry about this but I need to rant, perhaps I’m being a little over sensitive but I have 3 kids, 2 with Autism and reading comments like “kids must be a handful” or “well done for coping” these are not helpful.

    Unless like Lynsey and myself who have beautiful kids on the Spectrum, people have no idea about, as unpaid carers, what we go through.

    Lynsey if you ever want to pm me please feel free to do so. Happy Christmas

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    My partner also died after our relationship ended leaving me with his unborn child . I have no family support and3children too , they do not have autism but they are very difficult children. Christmas has been hard, if you needs chat let me know .x

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    Hello Lyndsey, I have felt like that too at times. How are you today? Anything new going on for your new year?

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    I understand what you are going through.


    I am a single mum of twin girls aged 1 year and 5 months.


    Not easy as got no family or friends.


    Feel free to contact me

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    Hi Anonymous,

    Thank-you for your comments regarding my post.

    This isn’t the first time that you and I have had differences.  If you read my comment I apologised if I was being over sensitive about a previous post. May I suggest that you and I do not respond to one another’s posts as there is clearly a problem particularly as this forum has been changed to a public one.




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    I have a beautiful autistic child who is now at school. It is my duty to look after her and make sure she is fed and well looked after . I work part time and I pay for a nanny when I’m still at work or can’t get time off  . This woman is too old to register as a child minder so I can’t claim for her wages.  I have to use part of dla.

    I love my child to bits and I am literally her full time carer, no parents & family living far away . i don’t get paid for being a carer I don’t care because she has no one but me not even a grandparent . I dont use her illness as an excuse not to work as i have bills like everyone on here.

    I am astonished that people can write that they are unpaid carers & get sympathy for writing this crap .


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    Thank-you for your comments but I don’t deserve you using foul language.

    Everybody, yes I am a full time unpaid carer who is a mum to 2 beautiful Autistic children, 1 of whom has complex medical needs.

    If anyone has a problem about me saying unpaid  and or unpaid carer then please report me to Gingerbread.

    I’m not looking for sympathy and I’m sure I won’t get any empathy but Sherima you have said yourself that you are an unpaid carer in your own words. Like you I have no family near me to help. You know nothing about me.

    Please do not reply to this. It’s sad, I thought that this was a support group/forum. Seems I was wrong

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    Why should people get paid for looking after their children whether they are autistic or not.  I don’t ever want to be paid because i am a parent.  i go out to work to provide for my child. I went back to work when my daughter was 10 months old and took annual leave to take her to medical appointments.

    It is my duty like all parents to look after their children  without grumbling!

    You have obviously got a chip on your shoulder so do not vent your anger out on me because your not getting paid to look after your child

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    Hi Sherima,

    Wow great comment and thank-you.

    No I’ve no chip on my shoulder. I’m not grumbling/moaning just stating facts.However if anyone reads the guidelines for this forum, it does say that Gingerbread advocates no bad language and non judgemental.

    Sherima you’re cool, can we be friends? Please?

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    Hello all.  Its Justine the moderator here.  I am including the link to our community guidelines as a reminder to those who may be questioning what is appropriate or inappropriate.  I would appreciate it if you could have a read through to refresh yourselves

    This forum is about single parents connecting, offering support, and being able to share experiences and information with others.  It is for everybody to use in a way that will be supportive and useful to others.  Sometimes it is helpful to look at the original thread and see how the dialogue is developing before you respond.  Please demonstrate respect to each and comment in a way that is constructive.

    Thank you


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