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    I’m a single parent with no support financially or otherwise from child’s father. My child is 2 and I have a highly demanding full time job with support from family. I try my best every day to just get from breakfast to bed time but it’s getting harder and harder. I’m drowning. I’ve explored every option of financial or other support available and there’s nothing. Unless you’re on the bread line or willing to work part time I feel like there’s no options.

    Any other single parent I know gets some financial help, or works part time or gets a break when their child/children go to their partner. I get none of that. Is anyone else in the same situation? I’m struggling so much.

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    No support from family***

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    There isn’t any support if you work full time.
    I used to be a graphic designer and found myself being a lone parent, no support at all, from dad. Unlike you, I do have family to help and I worked in a cafe (pre covid) and thought, that was going to be my life until she was older. Design jobs don’t do part time.
    A month ago I got a part time graphic designer role and work just under  30hours a week and that’s hard! Fitting home life around work, but it’s manageable. Although my wage is still topped up from universal credit.
    I find it frustrating relying on universal credit but I’m grateful I get to do school pick ups and drop offs 4 days a week and am in a job I love and still gaining experience, adding to the 12 years I already have. I see it as a step in the right direction and when she is older I can walk into a job with 20 years experience and get  a really good wage then.
    Sounds like you have so much on your shoulders! Can you step back and go part time/get a part time job in your field? You may not be on the same financial level, but mentally and emotionally you’re be in a better place.
    single parenting, work and support is a huge struggle x

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    Hi, have you checked the the universal credit calculator? Even if you only get £1 universal credit a month it entitles you to claim for childcare, 1 child is a max of £646 per month on top of your UC. The £646 is 85% of the total, so you still have to pay the other 15% or more.
    If you drop to 30 hours for a couple of years until your little one starts school surely you’ll be able to maintain your career and sanity better in the long run?
    Have you tried CMS to get the father to contribute? It gives him no visitation rights etc, they do all the chasing.

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