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    My husband left when my little boy was only 8 months… he’s now 10 months. Currently going through a separation but I am the only carer for our son.

    Just wondered if anyone out there was going through a similar situation with such a small baby or had been through it.

    Finding adjusting to being alone really difficult after 8 years together.

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    I am going through EXACTLY the same thing – my husband decided to leave when our baby was 5 months old (she is now 9 months) after 8.5 years together – absolutely devastated. I am finding it very difficult too but just trying to take it day by day and some are better than others. Does your husband ever take your son to give you a break?

    Sending a virtual hug 🙂

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    It’s utterly crap that your men didn’t step up when you needed them, I don’t get people sometimes.

    A resource that might help you both is:

    Family Lives provide general support to families on issues around parenting, emotional support and just generally coping as a parent  0808 800 2222

    All the best


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    I was going through similar situation. My daughters father and I separated when she was about 3 month old.  Its tough because he wasn’t helping really from the start. He doesnt give any support financially so I have to find ways to make ends meet. I couldn’t afford childcare so I rely on her grandmother and aunt. But still I pay her aunt some money for food and transpo. It is so difficult but I don’t have the time to be tired because my daughter’s needs have to be met.  I do not have my family here because they’re abroad.

    It does get better to some extent xx

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