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    Hi Everyone

    I’m a single parent to my 9yr old who sees their Dad regularly.

    However I have no family, and when I mean none I mean no one. I do have friends but not many have children.

    I work full time and study at the Open Uni.

    I split up with my OH around 2 months ago after nearly 3yrs together. This wasn’t my child’s father.

    So currently feeling very low and alone. Especially with Christmas around the corner as will be the 2 of us.

    Hate moaning and don’t want people to feel sorry for me, but wanted to see if anyone else is in a similar situation? And if so how do you manage your feelings having no one around?

    I’m thinking of starting my own group through here as there aren’t any in my area, if I can fit it in 🤣



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    Yep, I know how you feel. I’ve a very small and not always helpful family. Christmas really can bring out the emotions.

    I always try to think of the saying..

    ‘you never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have’

    Up days and down days and no one to share the struggles of life.

    Big hugs to you x

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    Hallow, I am in almost a similar situation and i have started joining meet up groups around my area.They also have single parents meet up groups.My first 2years of separation were painful but time heals and just keep your fingers crossed when time comes all the wounds in your heart will be healed.Keep working hard and studying its a good investment for your future.It is now 5years since my separation and I now feel normal again.

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    Hello! My husband left over 2 weeks ago so we have started the separation process (although he is happily (sarcastic) having his new relationship fully (with the affair person)). I am not from this country and all my family and best friends are very far away. My only family was my husband and his family, so he left and I have been left with nothing. I tried to focus on having a nice home for my kids, preparing a good Christmas for them and trying to take care of my self. It is difficult with no family or friends. Friends are busy at this time with their own affairs.  I am trying to focus on my job , on learning new skills and looking for ways to increase my network. I hope it will get easy with time. Sending you lots of love. I am in Kent, are you far away?


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    I am in the same situation.. my husband wanted a divorce 2 months ago but I begged him not because I am scared, I don’t have anyone at all. All  I have is my 2 kids and him.

    But now I  have a little hope and if the threatens me or hurt me again I will give him his divorce …. juts don’t know how I will deal with it .. I have a job and dont want to just stay at home really……

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