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    My ex-wife and I have been separated more than 2 years and I’m now with someone else.

    I’m currently looking to buy a house and was contemplating which secondary school my daughter would attend. We need to purchase quickly since the government scheme ends in March otherwise it will be a delay of another couple of years to raise the rest of the capital.

    Following that I had a conversation with my ex-wife about schools. She’s stated that she wants to live nearer another city from the one we currently live in. Realistically that’s a 2h round trip commute time of where I’m planning on living. My girlfriend has already compromised by moving to the other side of the city we currently live in.

    I’m mostly the primary carer for my daughter. I spend the majority of the time with her and I have the flexibility to work from home. My daughter has always stayed in the city we currently live in. She was born here. She has family here. She went to primary school here and her friends and activities are here.

    We have no ties in that other city apart from my ex-wife’s partner. They have no dependents apart from my daughter. My ex-wife hasn’t decided on this yet but is considering it in two years.

    My current girlfriend has a house she needs to sell and we want to move now otherwise in two years it will clash with getting my daughter into school.

    I wonder what my legal recourse here is and what I should do.

    Should I now seek a lawyer and look for full custody.

    Thanks for listening.

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    For context we’d been together 10 years. I’d never cheated and I found my currently girlfriend more than a year afterwards.

    I just want what’s best for my daughter and basically I don’t feel as though I should move to a part of the UK that may or may not ever happen.

    Is now the time to seek custody to ensure that my daughter isn’t uprooted from a city she has known her entire life?

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    Personally i think it’s best to include your daughter and ask where she would prefer to be, going to secondary school is hard enough without having at least a few friends in the same school.  I would love to leave the area i’m in but because the kids are all settled in school i wouldn’t dream and upsetting them.  If your daughter wants to stay and your ex still wants to leave then maybe look into custody.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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