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    I’ve just joined, hello!

    Anyone else struggling with lockdown? In recent weeks I’ve found myself getting increasingly tired and frustrated with the kids. They are generally good kids but I think lockdown has highlighted something I would not have noticed so much before. They are both teenagers now and they are constantly on their devices and don’t really want to engage very much in ‘family time’ now. I feel like I’m just their cook and cleaner and finding lockdown incredibly lonely.



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    Hi Goldilocks, that sounds horribly familiar. I’m locked down with my 11yo son. I love him to bits but he’s either arguing against doing school work or on his pc.

    I persuade him to do 4 pieces of school work a day and a walk or a bike ride for maybe another hour, but outside that, he doesn’t speak and is absorbed in MineCraft.

    I cook, wash, clean, garden and it’s getting to me too.  I haven’t had an adult face to face conversation in 7 weeks. It’s miserable. You aren’t alone ☹️. Hopefully not long now….

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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