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    Hi everyone! I’m new on here and having a nightmare with a divorce and 2 out of 3 children having CAMHS input so I’m sure you will be hearing from me again! I’ve recently had to go on medication for anxiety and just want to get on top of life again so wondered if anyone can suggest their top tips for nailing life as a single parent! Looking forward to hearing them! Thanks!

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    My only advice is don’t look too far ahead. Take every day as it comes, hour by hour. Hear if you need to chat xxx

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    Hacks that have helped me:

    Meal prepping – get the kids involved. You design your families week menu together, order online, then prep together for the week. I use freezer bags, so I just get one out the night before I put it in the slow cooker in the morning. Plus kids eat much better when they feel they’ve had a say

    Take ‘me’ time – we get so involved in caring for our children that we forget we have to healthy, mentally included, to give them the best. So don’t feel guilty if you need some time for yourself. If finances are hard, still try to prioritise a small luxury for yourself. I buy myself flowers.

    Organize – don’t leave the pots until morning, just do them. It’s so much more overwhelming when there’s breakfast pots added. Also get your children to be responsible, ask them to get all their things ready the night before and check them. makes life easier and teaches them important life lessons.

    Affirmation boards – it can get overwhelming doing all the day to day stuff. I have white boards for each child and before bed I write something special about them, or I note an achievement they’ve had that I perhaps didn’t have the time to fully appreciate. For example ‘You did amazing on your spelling test, I’m so proud of how hard you worked on those! Well done!’ Mine race down stairs to check their affirmation boards first thing, I now have one for me and they write stuff for me

    Worry box – I have 2, a ‘I need to speak about this’ and a ‘I don’t want to talk but you to be aware’ where they can write down or draw pictures of things that are upsetting them or worrying them. Only difficulty is you have to respect their wish not to talk about it

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    Hi, I’m new here as well, and I have no clue to how to have a bit of personal life back, I have a 6 years old,  I am a single mum since day 1, have a part time job, and full time guilty feeling that I’m not doing enough for her if I think to start any new thing for myself.

    I found Ilya tips very useful, expecially the meal prep, that I’ll try straight away,  thank you!


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    Fantastic tips llya!!!  Really helpful 🙂 Sounds like you’re doing an amazing job and being a great role model to your children.

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