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    Hi All

    I don’t know if there are any others in my position, it does not feel like. I am a single father and I struggle with the isolation, everyone around me seems to be in couples and so on..

    I am looking for some conversation and to meet people and take part in some kind of social network. I have found myself out in the cold as such.

    I am wondering if there are any others in my shoes and if so can you share the wisdom on how to make the situation better?


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    Hi there

    I find myself in a similar position found this bank holiday particularly hard! I don’t know many other single parents and there doesn’t seem to be any specific groups for single parents in my area.

    My social life seems to revolve around the kids activities as well which doesn’t help. And despite working hard money is quite tight at the moment.

    How old are yours? Mine are getting older now so I can leave them for short bursts so im thinking of starting a yoga class this week, maybe you could start and exercise  class or new activity?

    Not much wisdom – sorry! But just to let you know I feel similar….

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    Yes share a lot of them issues with you. Mine are 6, 12 and 13 they live with their mum.

    Yes I know I go the gym occasionally but still find myself isolated. I know I have tht about many different exercise things myself, need a motivating partner tbh 🙂

    Well at least we are similar in these respects?

    What is your name?

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    Hi petermc1102 & Sqiudged2018

    I am a single mum of 3 and feel isolated too, I have a lot of friends but most are couples so don’t know excatly how I feel.

    I am also looking for people to talk to and to make some new friendships.

    What areas are you in? I am in South East London.


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    hi kelly


    I am in Liverpool

    Yes its bad ain’t it

    I am same as you.

    Hope your well btw

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    Healing Light

    Hiyas all,

    I’m joining the club here. Lone parent with no support. I find acquaintances mean well but they have are in their own bubble /life style with 2 parents and money to go out and enjoy whatever day trip etc. 

    My child is 3 and we go to a local plau group or the park when my health permits me to walk further than a few hundred meters. Am in south glos area. 


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    I am a single dad with two boys.  I am the same very isolated, and finding my social life becoming nil.  I have two boys with additional needs which makes it harder, so i am now relying on meeting people and hoping to get some friends i can talk to


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