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    Split from my daughters dad last year after 15 years together. my daughter is 8. We had a weekend holiday at a holiday park every year this weekend since she was 3 months old (to celebrate my birthday but paid for, booked and packed for by me!) Decided since it was booked we would go anyway on our own this year. Asked a friend if she and her daughter wanted to go (paid for so wasn’t asking for anything) and at the very last minute she said they couldn’t come (as her daughter would “miss her dad too much” – fully understand but maybe could’ve explained in a more sensitive way!) went anyway – we had a fab time but wasn’t easy. The lovely lady at the book in was fab – I asked for an upgrade that was nearer to the entertainment and explained it was because we were a mum and young daughter on our own – she didn’t charge us and organised us a caravan overlooking entertainment complex – lovely lady! wasn’t easy – spent quite a few times fielding comments along the line (aimed at my daughter) along of the lines of “oh wheres daddy – is he at the bar……..!) but we made it! loved it so much I immediately booked for next year! To anyone else in this situation – do it! some lovely people along the way – people who watched our stuff so I could dance on the dancefloor with my daughter and who made me feel not quite so alone! Had a full on panic attack on the first night and a lovely grandma came up to me and said “ive done this on my own too – go to the front door take a few breaths – I will keep an eye on your girl and then come back ready to go for this!” I will never know who these people are but I am so ready now for me and my lovely girl to live our lives!

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    That sounds fab, its good you enjoyed yourselves and people are there to help.

    I have an 11 month old boy and I will look to go somewhere next year. Wasn’t ready this year done so much already, another big step will be better next year.

    Its amazing that people automatically assume there is Mum and Dad on the holiday, doesn’t work like that anymore. Lot of us on our own i guess for me all ive known bit easier to adjust than if was with someone who left

    Good for you though going even after the others let u down a bit, bet you feel well proud and your daughter isn’t missing anythin cos you did it you went on that holiday


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    Well done! It’s a massive step but you did it and you’ll have some fabulous opportunities to create memories with your daughter because you put your worries aside. I’ve been there desperate to get away from home for a break with no company. You have to break that cycle of avoidance. Now with 3 kids i tow my own caravan and have for the last 7 years, the camping community are a pretty friendly bunch. The kids were only 6mths-7yrs when I bought the caravan.  It’s old but it’s dry and suitably equipt. Hopefully you’ll have plenty more caravanning holidays together 😄

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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