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    I don’t know where to start….I was seeing a guy for 9 months, at around the 5/6 month mark his aunt sadly passed and that lead to an ex getting back in touch and a brief impending split between us. It tore me apart, he’s not my child’s father and hadn’t met her but that didn’t make it hurt any less. We tried to fix it but it was difficult and now I’ve found out he has started using his online dating profile again and went and met another girl, I say girl because he’s 28 (I’m 23) and she is 19.

    Weve spoken over the phone and he’s said we can’t work it out. I’m not ready to give up! I know I should walk away and cut all ties but I’m struggling. I live in Colchester and have 0 friends here which I don’t think helps. I just feel so lost.

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    Really, we have to accept when things are changing. This relationship is over and unless you want it to be left in your side like a wasp’s sting, you have to learn to take a deep breath and move on. He’s not your child’s father, and she didn’t even meet him, so she’s not lost anything, and it’s important you focus on her and your future. You’re only 23. That’s a lot of life left.

    Post here, join groups for single parents (there’s a Gingerbread one in Greenstead for example). This one man is just nine months of your life – you had at least one other significant relationship before him, and you’ll have others afterwards.

    Time to put on your shoes and start walking with a smile on your face into the future.

    All the best.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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