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    First off, I should say that I did email support to ask if this was appropriate but in the absence of a reply I’m going ahead anyway!

    I started my new job as a single parent around twenty years ago;  yes, they’re both proper grown-ups now having been delivered to adulthood, by me, in more or less one piece.  As an empty-nester and mature student I embarked on a distance learning photography degree to keep me busy.  I’m a slow learner, it seems, I’m only half way through!

    For one of the modules I have to make some portraits of a distinct group with whom I can identify, and it occurred to me that single dads would be a good option.  I posted on a few Facebook groups but had a pretty limited response.  I don’t know if that’s because it’s an unappealing prospect (to have your picture taken!) or there’s (still) just not that many of us around.

    So if you are now or have ever been… a single dad and you feel you could help me with my student project, please could you get in touch?  It would take less than an hour and I’d come to your place.  Unlike the bloke who nicked my idea ( ) I only want you in shot, not the kids.

    I am based near Dorchester, Dorset and ideally you should be within thirty miles or so of there.  I can make all collaborators a handsome print each!



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    Hi Andy,

    First of all im nowhere near your catchment area but just wanted to say what a fantastic idea!  Please,please keep it up. I love photography and being able to catch such wonderful moments is amazing. Keep trying buddy and dont give up. Im miles from you otherwise id be first in the queue. Mark

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    Thanks for the encouragement, Mark; I should have mentioned that I’ll be visiting London (N7, SE16), Cardiff and Bristol before long so if that gets anywhere near you, do say!

    Best wishes, Andy

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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