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    Hi everyone.. I am Adam.. I have a 9 year old daughter who I now have full custody of.. πŸ‘ I work full-time doing security work 😒.

    All is well.. we currently live in West London who family.. my daughters school is still in Hertfordshire as they help us alot and I do not want to move her..

    Ideally I would like to move back to Hertfordshire where my daughter has spent all of her life and I also was living there for about 5 years.. unfortunately social housing are not being very kind to us to say the least.. we are currently trying to get on the housing register.. not looking good..

    Financially things are not great.. though I work full-time.. money is still tight.. I have to pay for a lot of after-school clubs and such.. my colleagues help me out when I have to leave to pick her up from school etc.. leave early and get to work late everyday.. 😬

    Just a brief history.. my daughters mother has a mental health condition.. we was together for 14 years.. 10 of those years I looked after her mental health best I could.. I left her 3 years ago.. and won for custody in January this year.. if anyone would like any mental health advice I can share my experiences and knowledge..

    Ps.. I should have added that I now get Β£20 child benefit and Β£36 child tax credits.. I do not know own if that is a good rate or not..

    Anyway glad I found this forum..


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    Thank you 😬

    Yes I am currently living with family.. when I moved from Hertfordshire 3 years ago I had nowhere to go, so had to move borough.. I was promised help from social services at that time but was rejected when I made my application.. nevertheless.. 3 years on and full custody later.. I am fighting to keep my daughter in Hertfordshire borough where her school and friends are..

    My daughter has been through enough abuse.. (emotional) and currently has Art therapy at school.. her school is very supportive and have wrote me a letter for my housing application aswell as social services.. I travel 15 miles a day to school and the same back.. plus hold down a full-time job.

    Hertfordshire does indeed have criteria to apply.. I have applied under special circumstances and just waiting for the result of my appeal..

    I could privately rent I guess and I am sure I would get housing benefit.. however ideally I would like us to have a stable home..

    I think I make just above low income so I do not get working tax credits.. I get child benefit of Β£20 and Β£36 child tax credit.. with all the after school clubs and petrol I do not have a great deal left over.. I am not complaining just stating just in case anyone would think I am trying my luck..

    My daughter does she her mother but not very much.. she is free to see her almost whenever she likes but currently does not want to see her mother very much.. there is no contact order in place..

    Thank you for your help..




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    Please could I message you regarding mental health?

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    “Are you using the childcare element of tax credits to contribute towards your wraparound care costs?” No I am not? I do not know what this means.. sorry the benefits thing is new to me..

    Jasmin3 yes you can.. no problem.. you dont have to ask help as much as I can.. maybe this will be my line of work in the future..



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