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    Hi all over just signed up and looking for help I am so worried if I get corona what will happen to my kids as there dad isnt around, i got out of a abusive relationship 2 years ago so my questions are what will happen to the girls? And also I’m on universal credit not working wont get paid for another 3 weeks but feeding the kids extra with schools being closed I dont no how I am gonna get through another 3 weeks with hardly any food left? Anyone know what I can do many thanks

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    I have the same worries. I’m disabled and alone after fleeing DV too. We have no family and still no friends. If you find out, please let me know

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    If you speak to your school. I think it’s parents liaison officer about your concerns they may be able to assist or put you in contact with someone who can. We received a letter from our school asking us to get in touch if we are struggling to feed our children

    Our school will also Provide a meal on site for children too. Good luck

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    Hello ok re food if you are running out and haven’t any money then you may need to find your local food bank.  The trussell trust have a map and you put in your post code to find one local to your area and contact details. If you can afford food but cannot get it due to self isolating you might wish to contact your local council or citizens advice. Also Sherinam gave good advice about contacting school too.  Hope this helps.

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    Thanks. My concern isn’t about food, etc. Its actually more personal. I’m sure others feel the same way. More worried about who actually looks after the kids when we are poorly if we get it.  After emergency surgery last summer, there was no help to pay personal assistant for respite and I was told social care would have to find emergency placement which in itself is terrifying. This is what I was interested in, is there a magic money tree that will help single parents pay for respite for our kids that already have privately funded pa assistant due to additional needs.

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    I have this concern. If I get Ill who looks after my 3 year old (or me). Cannot go to grandparents as per government guidelines as they are older. Father is not responsible so cannot go there. What help is available ?  The worry is affecting my mental health terribly.

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