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    This maybe a bit of a rant, but it’s getting me down.
    My child’s (2years) dad has no contact.

    I’m very lucky as I live next to my mum in a very, very rural area and during lockdown we’ve all been isolating for 6-7 weeks now only leaving to collect click shopping every 2 weeks. We haven’t had to leave even for our daily exercise due to a garden. We are very lucky.
    we have been over for coffee, at my mums, only once we’d all completed isolation for 2 weeks to make sure none of us had the virus. We spend an hour a day next door. But other family members and friends, who have partners and lodgers keep trying to tell me how hard it is for them to, doing everything “alone”…. I get what they are implying. Probably thinking my mums and partner are having my child everyday for hours whilst i sunbath, not the case! Apart from that hour for a coffee, where I am  involved, maybe not watching as much as usual, as there are three pairs of eyes and not just mine. I have absolutely no down time. My down time normally is work, I have no alone, adult time at all.

    dont get me wrong I’m loving the time with her, gardening, painting, cooking, dancing etc…. but to put it bluntly, I haven’t had a piss by myself since the beginning of isolation/lockdown! Or just a piss without a little voice shouting “what you doing!”  One real bonus of being at work! Those minutes alone and in silence are priceless 🤣

    Does anyone else feel this need to scream at people who have one or two people who can put there child to bed, comfort them during a nightmare, wash up, Hoover, cook dinner, washing, have a shower alone or just someone else to think of things to do during the day to entertain them?
    rant over!
    take care all


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    Yes I get it my little boy is 3. My only contact with outside world is by phone. It’s hard, it’s draining but also think that whatever boat you’re in at the moment it’s hard in different ways.

    If you think they have a misconception on your circumstances I would just call it out and tell them what actually happens and that you have got it just as difficult as them. I think it’s even more important than normal to make sure misunderstandings are sorted otherwise you’re going to blow a fuse

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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