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    i am single parent after wife passed away, sadly so suddenly, I have 2 kids 6yr daughter and 12yr son. Looking to find friendship.

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    Hello I have only just joined and wanted to say hello.

    I’m a single parent of 3 and my youngest is 6.

    I hope you have good family and friends around you at this difficult time. I’m also looking for friends and single parents who know what it’s like to have low times but still have to find strength to be a parent too.

    I hope it was ok for me to reply to this as like I said I’ve only just joined.


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    Hi there. I’m so sorry for your loss . Welcome to Gingerbread and I’m sure you will receive lots of support here.

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    So sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine how painful it is having to go through the death of your partner, having to deal with your own grief, your children’s grief all while try to function as a parent.

    I myself am new to this single parent life and to Gingerbread, so hope it’s ok to respond to you. Just wanted you to know you are not on your own and hope you find the support and comfort you need at this difficult time.


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    Hi Anonymous

    I’m new to this site too.

    I just wanted to say I’m so sorry for you loss and I have an idea of how you feel.

    I am a single parent because my husband passed away suddenly in December and it was such a shock. I have a 6 year old daughter and 14 year old son. I don’t know what I’m doing half the time although everyone tells me it will get easier but if you want to talk at any time just let me know.

    I just want friends who I can talk to and understand a bit of what we’re all going through.

    I hope that you are coping as best you can and like me are just focusing on one day at a day.

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    Hi, so sorry for your loss. I lost my partner Rob suddenly in July 15 after a sudden cardiac arrest. Our little girl was 2 nearly 3 at the time, its such an earth shattering loss and so very tough to deal with. Please feel free to message any time.  Love to you and your children, from Rachel.

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    I am really sorry for your loss, it must be so hard dealing with all of tour emotions and them of your children all at the same time.

    I am around if you fancy a chat.


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    Hi I’m sorry that you have had this sadness in your family’s life. Must be so much to deal with.

    i am also  joined gingerbread, as I am looking for friendship as at times I feel alone and want some adult conversation. So just chat away I’m all ears



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    Hi, just joined myself. Also a widow with 2 lads 19 and 9. Sorry for your loss. I joined for same reason to be honest. Can be difficult to ‘get out there’. Ever need a chat, don’t hesitate.

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