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    I just wanted to hear from other mums of boys how they talk to their sons during the onset of puberty.

    It was easy with my daughter because I obviously went through what she goes through.

    My son is embarrassed and shy about the whole affair, which isn’t a future hangup I want him to have…but how do I get him to be proud of his body changes, rather than embarrassed about them without a male role model in his life that he can talk to?

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    Hi, I have 3 sons 18, 10 and 7. When my eldest went through puberty we had small chats, and I just explained to him that his body was going to go through changes and his private areas might look or feel different. I reassured him he could ask me anything, but also told him that if he felt embarrassed talking to me that I would make him a GP appt with a male doctor any time he was worried about something. He seemed to appreciate this and over the years has always come to me with questions. Even recently he came to talk to me about safe sex when the time comes.

    My 10yr old is going through puberty. However, he isn’t as discrete as his big brother and has no filter lol He is happy to tell us he has new hairs here and there and the physical changes that are occurring. He does ask his big brother questions about becoming a man, and fair play he answers him without any embarrassment. I bought my 10yr old a book on puberty, Dr Ranj How to grow up and he reads this so he knows what to expect, and he knows the changes that are happening are normal.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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