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    i got a girl and boy 3 & 4 Who are behaviourally hard to cope with at times, smearing poo, stealing food, trashing the house, my little girl 4 screams very loudly when told of and sticks her fingers down her throat when she screams she wee’s herself she’s no longer wanting to use the toilet these days and I spend most of my time cleaning her up from continuous accidents however she has been dry since age 2, my boy rips wallpaper climbs over my 6ft garden fence climbs on windowsills in my 3 story bites and has frequent meltdowns I’m feeling as if I’m trying everything reporting it to social services, talking to the health visitor, removing things, naughty step, counting, I’ve tried the divert tactic I’ve tried shouting, talking, explaining, crying and slowly losing the will to live, their dad went to jail in August for 5 years and I suffer with disabilities mentally and physically, I have no family, have a partner who also tries, but lives away from our home in a city a few miles away, so not constant, I dunno wether it’s to do with their dad not being around or wether it’s the fact I’m in a new relationship any advice would be appreciated feel like there’s no where to turn and no1 who understands

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    I can’t imagine how hard your days are.

    You really need to push to get some form of social care help to manage the children’s behaviour and help you too.

    Children can adapt to changes well but in this case the change of circumstances sound like a big part of the problem.

    Do they go to daycare/nursery at all. If so how do they behave there?


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    Hello just read your post and am sorry you are not coping ..your children are at an age where they can attend free nursery for a few hours a week. I’m. Not sure how many as my daughter private nursery as I go to work.

    By allowing them to attend nursery this will give you some me time. There is nothing wrong with that . My little girl went through poo smearing and wallpaper eating  but its not that bad now  and these rooms were newly decorated She does not do it anymore.  I suggest you go on line and look for free funding and see what hapoens.  There may be a wait list bit try it so you have something in place for January.

    Weekends after lunch we go to park and take a picnic. This is good exercise for them and I always find it clears your mind

    Take care and please look into free nurseries . I think it’s 30 hours



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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