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    Hi, I am a single mum of 54 yrs, I am trying to start my own cleaning business but there is no support for me.  I don’t have the confidence to do it alone and wondered if any other 50+ single parents out there were thinking of doing the same thing???

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    What sort of support are you looking for, financial or ideas and moral support?

    Have you looked for local women’s business networks? Most areas have them and hold quarterly get-togethers.

    If you are asking to be trusted in people’s houses, I guess the best things are really good references. Could you ask one or two of your longest standing customers to each give a great quote on how reliable & trustworthy you are? Then prune it down to one phrase & use it on everything. Quotes, invoices, embroidered on your overalls or t-shirts.

    create a clean & neat image – clean car, neat appearance. Maybe a brand colour – choose one that suits you, so you look good in t-shirts that colour.

    But all that stuff is just window dressing for getting one new customer at a time and doing a good job. Decent cleaners who don’t break things are rare as hens teeth so I bet you’ll be great.

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    How is this going Supahsam?  Have you discovered the Single Mums Business Network? It’s x

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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