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    I feel in such a rut just now. I’ve been a single mum since my son was 6 months old, he is now 4 years old. He loves spending time with his dad but visits and financial help is very inconsistent.  To provide for him myself I have to work full time, which is fine as he’s 9am to 3pm in nursery, the same as my work hours. I have good support network helping before and after to allow me to commute. Because I work so much, I leave sharp to spend time with him while he’s up therefore i have to bring a lot of paper work home to do at night while he’s in bed. I love being a mum, my sons my world, I also love my job but because his dad doesn’t take him consistently I feel this is all I live for, no time to myself at all. I know if I asked people they would help but I can’t help feeling guilty leaving him when I’m free because he’s already out so much during week for me to work. His dad is supposed to do 2 evenings after work until bedtime and one overnight at weekend, when this happened I was able to plan things for myself with no feeling of guilt. This has now stopped and I feel I have no time for me, I’ve let myself go and it’s really getting to me.
    Anyone else feel like this? X

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    reading my post back I feel I come across as being selfish wanting my own time, but that’s not the case. I mean I literally get no time to myself, everything I want to do I have to arrange a babysitter or take him with me. He’s at the age he’s noticing it’s always me or granny that’s there for him and becoming even more clingy with us. We do lots together, but a few hours here and there guilt free is what I need. X

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    Hi Akay,  It’s been a bit quiet on the forum and I hope some other forum members see your post soon. You may also like to see if there is a group in your area. Single parent groups – Gingerbread


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    Hey, I work 08:30 till 17:30, so getting my daughter to reception class requires me to wake her up at 6am just to get her ready for 7am to then drop her off at her dad’s for 8am to be able to run back home just in time to start my work. I then have to drive to pick her up from my childminder’s and return back home just before 7pm.

    She is obviously fast asleep by then, and now I have a call with the school about her not completing her homework… but like… WHEN??? the poor child’s knackered by then!

    I have noone who could take her for an hour or two. I have no family apart of my brother who works Mon-Sun. So yes, I feel your pain, I’ve not had a breather for a long time….

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