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    Me and my 12 year old have a great relationship we spend the majority of weekends together. Because I my many bad experiences with men I’ve decided to stay single (last relationship just ended lasted 10 months)

    I have a few friends one is poorly and the other is busy with her family on weekends. Son’s dad visits sometimes. My dad calls every few months. I see my mum and step dad a few days a week.

    I do wish I was in a proper loving secure relationship and my son said he wished our family was bigger. But like I say I’ve lost interest in a romantic life and dont want any more kids.

    I would like to meet single parents like myself, both mums and dads, just a few extra people we can hang out with.

    Any advice would be helpful. Sorry for long post.


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    Hi Bluebirdsue

    I’m similar. My son is 15. He’s probably a bit more independent than yours due to age. But when he sees his friends I invite their mums round for a cuppa. We’ve now become friends and arrange something for the boys to do at half term (next one is trampolining) and we meet too. We’re having a mum’s night out which I think surprised our son’s 😂

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    Hey there, sorry to hear you’ve had bad experiences.  Have you looked into Meetup groups for single parents in your local area?  Seems to be the way to go for many single parents now as it’s meeting like minded people in groups which is a lot safer and specifically others in same situation?

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    I am from Cheshire and I’ve been to those parent groups in the past when he was younger. And my friends have kids that are same age but one is no longer friends with my lad and the other is a girl who spends time with her aunt and mum which is a good thing. Its a shame because we enjoy going out to places. But I will have a look on here for single parent groups. Thanks guys 😀

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    Hi bluebird. I’m in exactly the same situation except my son is 11 and my parents are no longer with us.

    I parkrun and my son has just started to come along too. He usually finds someone his own age to run with and some people head for a coffee before going home.

    I’ve also taken him for a couple of air rifle shooting lessons. I have a coffee in the clubhouse while he has his lesson. The shooting coach is a great male role model and it’s a more male environment for him, now he’s getting a bit older. They do summer barbecues so it’s very friendly.

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    Hi Kathy

    Those are both great ideas but I don’t run as I have arthritic knee. But I do love the air rifle club idea. My boy does not like contact sports such as martial arts so that would be perfect. Could you please provide me with more info? Thanks 😀 also I checked and there are no groups listed in my area

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    I’ve sent you some details. Would love to hear how he gets on 😊

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