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    Iv generally been ok but my ex/baby daddy is not making this any easier, our “family” broke apart when our little one was 10 weeks old. We are in the middle of a long court order and he just makes my life hell, he constantly harasses me, guilt trips me, gaslights me, financial abuse, emotional abuse, manipulating me oh the list is endless he makes it impossible to try and make it work for our little ones sake.
    The court agreement at the moment is every Saturday and Sunday he gets access for 4 hours with only his parents there for supervision. His parents don’t live locally so at the moment are only coming up every fortnight so in the mean time he constantly begs me to meet him for access even though the judge and CAFCAS officer both said I shouldn’t supervise the contact anymore due to allegations and past incidents. I again and again explain that just because his parents are not coming up this is not my problem and he knows the court order. He never takes no for an answer and just bombards me – then makes me feel guilty but I know he Will use it against me in our next hearing as he has in the past. Sunday he turns up at my house with .. wait for it .. his SOLICITOR (who isn’t representing him anymore but they have formed a personal relationship) I have called her company in the past and made complaints but she still gets involved so they came to my home I didn’t answer the door. She knows he’s been arrested for harrasment before and is a family law solicitor so knows the agreement (I think) why is she encouraging his behaviour ?? Is it just me I’m going out my head some days with it all. She has filled his head with after the next hearing in November he will be getting 50/50 access and she wil be staying overnight at my ex’s and i just know she won’t be safe there it’s so frustrating i can’t afford a solicitor and refuse to be in any more debt because of him and I applied for legal aid but couldn’t because his bail conditions were dropped.
    sorry for the long post that’s just a little insight to my every day life

    any advice much appreciated


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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