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    I have been a single mother all of my sons life due to his father being a let down and not wanting to know . But now my son is getting older I feel I am struggling to cope with his emotions and anger .  He has no male role model in his life and his aggression is always aimed at me . I fear what is to come as he gets older , how do I deal with the challenging behaviour . I am 32 years old and have no friends who have children so I can’t reach out to  many people for the experience they may have had  . The school haven’t really helped much other then isolating my son from play times etc and now it’s even a struggle to get him ready to leave for school most days .

    Many thanks for taking the time to read this and any advice is welcome great fully

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    I also have a son,10, without a male role model, and it can be difficult. He has all this energy buzzing around so I needed to find a way to wear him out.

    We both do a weekly karate lesson, he is coached by a male sensei who makes a good role model and doesn’t take any crap. It’s good for teaching him respect. Also gives him an outlet for a bit of latent aggression and teaches him control. It costs about £8 a week for each of us. He  has a weekly swimming lesson where the coach is a teenage boy. And oddly the barber is another friend who helps.

    When we are by ourselves, I focus on plenty of exercise – we cycle together on the common, and generally, I am an “honorary boy”.

    it keeps me fit too , if being slightly exhausting 😊

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