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    Hi there, I’ve come to the realisation that I am struggling to adapt to life with a teenager . Yes he has his mood swings but he’s not really trouble, it’s more the fact that he wants to talk to his friends and be in his room and go out with his friends rather than spend time with me. I am really glad about that and don’t try to smother him, but I feel a million times more isolated now because he’s always been my focus and he’s always filled my time.

    I love to go away and do things like wild camping but he isn’t that bothered although will come with me as long as it’s not often. So I’d like to do these things on my own however even though he may be with his friends, I still have to be here when he gets home so can’t just up and go. He’s only had a relationship with his father for the last year and only sees him for a few hours on a Saturday. No overnight stays. I have great parents who help me but I feel I use all my babysitting time up with work.

    I have had relationships and to be honest I have isolated myself on that front as well as I am sick of being lied to and hurt. I suppose I want some freedom to explore and adventure , I’d love to do it with Ben but have to accept he doesn’t necessarily want to do all the things I want to do.

    I don’t have many friends close by and most of them are busy with their own lives. I’m in a bit of a rut trying to adapt to having more free time but not really having enough free time if that makes sense. Also I am only 32, I was young when I had him and so have never really known adult life without having a child to look after and entertain.

    I work, I go to the gym , I have dog that I train, I try my best to fill my time with hobbies but there’s still so much lonely time sat on my own downstairs and I don’t know what to do now to help myself

    would love to hear from anyone in a similar situation



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    Dovid abe

    I know that feeling. I’m still trying to work out what adolts do with there free time. I’m only good for if a charger needs to be found 😜

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