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    Recently became a single mum of 2 children both who are coping incredibly well with senior school alevels and year 7, divorce and covid all at once. I was lucky enough to spend most my time being a stay at home mum and worked some part time jobs around the children. Ive now found myself in a unexpected position of being a single mum’ ( a mutual decision)   i can continue to do jobs that fit in with childcare and continue to financially struggle or to somehow begin a career . I still have no idea what to do or how to go about considering a career i have gcse and nvq and some qualifications but i do not have a degree. As much as i want to i should use the qualifications i have to get a job. i feel i want something new, a new chapter. at the same time the children are doing so well i do not want this to affect them and so do i carry on just plodding along as its not the right time or do i take that step. when is it the best time to start making these changes. The children and their education and their life and wellbeing is most important to me.

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