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    Hello just joined this site. I feel im at my wits end with being single mum. Any advice anyone on how to cope?

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    Hope you are ok? Here to chat if you want. Im a single Mum to my 1 year old boy. Been a long day today phew

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    Thank u for replies.

    I seperated from my husband in june 2018 when my boy was 9mth old. So im not really coping with that.

    Being single mum i feel overwelmed with upbringing of my son doing it alone.


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    Hi Sarah, I’ve been a full time single dad since my son was very young, he’s now 13.

    All single parents find it hard at times but it does pass, most of the time it’s our own heads that are the problem but the reality is that we are doing fine.

    Hang in there, you are doing ok


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    Thank u Anonymous for the advice on support groups.

    Did counselling which helped but having to see him hurts like hell.


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    Wouldnt work due 2 timing.

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    Its around my boys routine and his dads work.

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    Hi Sarah

    I know its hard now. Believe me I also left my partner when my son was a similar age. He is 12 now.

    It takes time and patience to heal a broken heart. Even though my head was saying my ex was no good for me, my heart told me otherwise.

    Still kept contact though and I don’t like seeing him at all but I will have to. Everyone has to do things they don’t like, unfortunately.

    I started going surestart centres and they were a god send. I went to the classes they offered and volunteered once my lad qualified for free nursery care. I’ve since been on a CBT course and more recently a stress management course both self referred. I started work again 5 years ago and I’m now looking for a new challenge.

    So you see you can make your life as you want it. Date, work, do courses you can do what you like now. And it will get easier promise. 😀


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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