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    I am a single mum in Tipton and am desperately trying to get back to work, but the school my son is in has no after school club and no local nurseries or childminders will collect from his school. Due to Corona most of them have closed and don’t plan to reopen, and he now finishes at 3:10pm. I have no friends and my family all work and can’t collect them. I am a teacher and had to quit my job due to the situation, but have signed up to several agencies to work as supply. So I am technically employed, but am still unable to work. In addition to this,my sons’ school has shortened breakfast club which now starts at 8am and has more than doubled in price. I am having to pay for the club or risk losing their place as there is a waiting list. I am beginning to despair now. Does anyone have any advice?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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