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    Hi my name is kel I split from my boys father coming up to 4 years now… since the break up he has had them every other weeekend started off brilliant or as good as it could of back in March 2019 My house/caravan I rent got condemned as unsafe to live in due to certain parts rotting away…that put a lot of stress on me and in may I had a bad rta I had an asthma attack at the wheel…I had to spend 5 weeks in hospital with a bleed on my spleen. my ex had just met a new women But I had a 7 year old boy who his dad looked after whilst I could not and a 3 year old both same dads but he refused to look after the 3 year old so my side of the family did share days as they all worked.. my ex brought my oldest to see me once in hospital due to having a new girlfriend my family did an amazing job.. when I came out of hospital I had an eviction notice saying I had 24 hours to get out as I missed a months rent whilst in hospital the council gave me and boys a place away from home But had to get all my belongings in storage for 56 days no school would take on I had to homeschool them I lived near no family or friends they moved me again to where I am present A 1 bedroom flat at moment boys got into school but my oldest refused to go he became violent at first refused to go to his dads…by now his dad was engaged to new girlfriend…eventually he started going to school after a lot of hard work then one day in early December he came up to me and said mum I’m ready to start going to see dad again on his weekends..I was so chuffed like over the moon not only I would start getting a break again but for him to come tell me that… I phoned his dad crying and told him… his dad turned around and said he did not want them anymore because we never saw eye to eye and argued…I was heart broken for my son…having no break being near no family or friends and not having time to recover from my crash has put a big impact on my life my legs were getting bad for some reason I had these blisters all over my face come up through stress let alone money worries…then lockdown hit us a week prior to this both boys stayed at there dads as he wanted to try being a family but his new girlfriend just found out she is pregnant with his baby!!! During lockdown we did nothing was not aloud out No garden no space no family or friends..I hit rock bottom even though he was still working as a builder everyday he would not have the children my youngest should be a cricketer when he is older… he managed to break 5 TVs  through anger and being stuck in doors I have never expierianced anything like this… just a week into lock down I was due to move into a two bed flat but then everything shut down now the builders are still trying to get this place ready….hopefully two weeks time then we can start a new life but I have cried daily panic attacks ongoing treatment to find what happened to my leg in the crash is all still on going and that’s never going to go away… I was wondering has anyone else been through anything Similer or place to get financial help towards a tv or things for boys to do thank you

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