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    Hey. I have been separated for a few months now and on the whole things have been OK. I have made positive steps and moving forwards. I am however struggling with weekends and the loneliness (my ex I spent all our time together). All my friends are married and I’m finding weekends are really family time. My daughter who is 13 is amazing and wants to spend time with me but it would be nice to have a friend to hang out with. Anyone else feel this? How do you meet new people who are in a similar situation.   I feel so out of touch and at 45 feel hopeless.

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    Hi zo

    I know I’m a male but I have felt exactly the same way, I was with someone for 10years and married for 4.

    Now I’m on my own i struggle to make friends and suffer severe loneliness, but I am trying to get out by going to the gym.

    I would suggest you just surround yourself with what you want to do and I’m sure you will be fine.


    Kind regards



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    Andrew uk

    It’s not easy. I’m on my own atm. I don’t see my kids, son 9 daughter 4. It’s hard. I’m in South London.

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    Hi David and Andrew

    thanks for your replies.  Yes it is tough and and taking a lot of adjustment.  But I know I will get there. This weekend has been busy which is awesome. I have lots in the diary over the next few weeks.

    David it sounds like you have had a really tough time but you are moving forwards in a positive way. Gym is a great place to get your confidence back.  Little steps!

    Andrew I really feel for you.  Having my children here has made everything easier. I hope you have a support network around you.

    im totally not looking for any kind of relationship but it would be nice to make new friends who are in a similar place.

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    Andrew uk

    Hi. Hope all is well.

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