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    Hi everyone

    Wanted to reach out… have been a single parent on and off since the age of 20 yrs, am now a mother of four beautiful children. We’ve all be through the mill and finally after a long road I feel we’re in a better place. Being a single parents has its ups but one thing I can’t budge feeling is that sense of feeling complete, without a dad or partner I always feel on edge like I need to do something with the kids to not let them feel that void. Maybe they don’t even feel it but I do.

    What I am doing here you might be wondering? Well I would like to feel that community and not always on our own. We do have friends and family around but I need something just for us with people that get our situation.

    Anyone that would like to get together that has a teenage daughter and ideally Muslim? I am a Muslim and would love to meet others that are muslim or practising believers in God.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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