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    Hello all- I’m a 34 year old single mum to 6 beauties- the past 12 years have been crazy- recently separated from an up and down, abusive, dis-loyal, nasty ass 12 year relationship- I have completely lost all friends, family- it’s just me and my kids- their dad does not help- has them for 1 hour 3 days a week- I expect nothing else- his loss- BUT I’m happy so happy to finally be away from him BUT I’m finding it lonely, I need adult conversation- I’ve had a few friends over these past few years like on the school run etc but each one has shown their false through messing about in some form with my now ex-partner- I have no family- I’m ok mentally tbh far too busy with my kids to be depressed but I just feel I need to meet new, decent people who are actually nice and not fake- if anybody out there is kind of feeling this please message me just to say hey it would be lovely- THANKS xxxx

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    Hi Meg, how’s your Saturday going? Wow, six! You’ve got more energy than me.

    I have one son, 10yo and we live in Hampshire.  I’m just having 10 mins with my feet up and a coffee. I ran Parkrun this morning, done food shop & heaps of washing, and taken son to swimming lesson.

    If I can find the energy, I’ll mow the lawn in a mo.  Who needs a gym….😁.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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