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    I should enjoy my child free time because I am so lucky enough to get it but my god do I feel lonely 😔 especially now more than ever when I can’t go out and do things to distract myself. I have no single parent friends so no one has any idea what I’m going through and I feel I can’t talk to anyone about my mental health over fear of being judged. Hoping to talk to some like minded people😘

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    Have you tried speaking to your GP? I understand what you are saying . My child is at school and I’m still working ! We are lucky as our neighbors are like family and helped me when car did not start last week. We also have a Garden . Go out early in morning  with your child for walks in woods or park to clear your head? If you got bikes even better

    We are in touch with parents on whatapp group who can’t send their kids to school and this is what they are doing . I am also shielded but can do work from home . Get yourself some masks , the ones that are washable are the best and get  out and stop living in fear. You get covid from enclosed Petri dish environments not from parks or open space and keep your distance .

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    Hi, I feel the same as you although my circumstances are slightly different.

    I have never felt as lonely in my life. I Lost my partner, my sons dad, 9 months ago and therefore now I’m a single parent.

    My best friend has a farm so during lockdown, only once, I took my son (age 4) to the farm he could play and my friend could watch him whilst I went home for a bit of me time. It was the worst 3 hours of my life and a massive emotional rollercoaster. Not only did I miss him and feel lonely but I felt so guilty for feeling that I needed that time away from him.

    Lockdown is really effecting my mental health, no one seems to understand just how hard it is being a single parent and I feel I can’t speak to anyone about it either as i too feel I am being constantly being judged.

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    I do feel you, it’s a very lonely time. What I will say is that 2yrs into it, it gets better. Use this time to look after yourself, refuel and your little person will see the benefit of it. No one tells you how tiring single parenting can be. These child free times should be used to recharge your batteries. Good luck xx

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    Hi, I feel the same. It does get better over time. Maybe find a hobby that interests you or even something on telly. Do things for you. Hope you find something that helps. Good luck xx

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