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    I am starting to worry about how unwell i am feelimg with covid as i have a son to look after . He is negative

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    Andrew uk

    Did you test postive? Can someone else look after him? How old is he?

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    *deleted user*

    hope you are okay.

    The only thing I can think of is the NHS support line and the Check and Chat service which they have. Also the neighbourhood ‘Next door’ forum is sometimes friendlier than facebook etc and more helpful.

    Have you got supermarket deliveries and have you applied for the 500 pound isolation grant that I believe you can receive if you get covid?

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    Can I wish you a speedy recovery xxxx I’ve found it very hard being ill with two young children and alone since newborn and age 2. No family to help where we live. I’ve just had covid all through the Xmas hol’s which was supposed to be our recharge time off school and work. Instead had kids climbing the walls and me ill. I really sympathise and send get well wishes. I do all shopping online it’s been a great help. I drank vit c in hot water with honey every hour mega doses and it really made a difference to my symptoms. Also hight vit d.  Keep your phone close in case you take a turn. Forget housework and rest  let your child chill out and watch TV anything to give you a moments rest as that must be the priority. I really hope you are feeling better. It frustrates me that all advice states ask friends and family for help. Not everyone has local connections like that. Perhaps inform your gp of your circumstances they may have links to support services.

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    I know how you feel as I didnt have anyone to turn to for help when I had norovirus twice . I could only sit on sofa and look down and didn’t have energy to speak to my little child .  AlI I can say is that next door app is amazing and you are taking to people with real names who are just on your doorstep.not fake profiles or fake people

    Our borough has supported loads of neighbors from giving dinners , food parcels to clothes and getting shoping done. there was a collection for someone who needed a train fare to get to funeral .the lovely list is endless as to what our neighbors have a achieved. There will be a sympathetic ear and personal ly I have made friends and taken my child to free activities and metup with people on this site .

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    Andrew uk

    Yes i recommend nextdoor app too. It’s nice to hear lots of positives about you.

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