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    Hi all,

    Im 27 and was single before the birth of my daughter who is now 18 months old. Absolute no contact with daughter’s father, no support with sharing childcare or financially.

    No support from friends and family at all and feel like we spend every minute or the day together currently thinking to drop out of uni because i cant cope with the work load and being with her constantly starting to get really frustrated at my sistuation and even angry at times i  want to nip this in the bud incase it gets worse i really feel like i need a break but no one can help. Its not that im a single and a parent that bothers me i just feel like im suffocated. I dont know many other parents in the same position but wonderingif there other completley lone parents and how they cope .The only peace i get is when im at uni but irs not really relaxing and on days where im with her i look so forward to her sleeping  and feel so much stress when she wakes up and in the mornings with her cry amd starting to begrudge being a parent.

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    Hey lexilou I no exactly how you feel but my daughter is 7. Every single parent needs a break sometimes otherwise you feel smoothered. Parents where there are 2 of them can do that give there partner a break but we don’t get that.

    Please don’t give up uni give it another 6 months see how you feel then. Your life can change in the blink of a eye and your situation now will not be the same forever.

    Iv got loads of friends and a big family yet I feel so alone with my daughter. Everyone I no is doing things with there partners I’m the only single one. I struggle with summer time and bank holiday weekends that’s when I feel more alone than ever. Trust me you are not alone there are so many more people like us out there.



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    Hi thanks for you reply ,

    How  are things for you with a 7 year old ? I dont want to wish my daughters life away but really looking forward to more independent years.

    And yes i keep trying and trying but im getting abit sick and tiered ive experienced this before but not to this extreme where i feel very angry when im around  her (would never harm her) but i just feel ive got no support whats so ever a small family just granmother who is too elderly to help out… and trying to achieve a degree . Maybe if i had more mum friends in the same situation we could let off steam to one another but i dont have many friends and the ones i do dont have children its just so frustrating x

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    Hi I have two under 5 and no break either and it’s intense but I can see how it changes once they get to about 4 – even just age 2 although v demanding they start sleeping more reliably and u get a bit of quiet in the eve. I’ve never gone out cos no sitter but I can watch a film with a glass of wine on my own. It’s isolating but I’m so exhausted I just enjoy the silence for an hour before bed. All I can say is as they get more independent you will find it drives you crazy less and u are already through most of the baby stage hang in there you are a hero for your daughter. Don’t give up uni it will suddenly get a bit easier and u will be glad u didn’t give it up and have to restart. Babies are really tough. Uni is tough. But none of it lasts forever. If u can survive this u will set up a better future for the two of you in years to come. Sending love. X

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