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    Hello Mums!

    I live at St Helens Merseyside 3 years and I’m Domestic violence Survivor.I come 20 years ago to UK from Poland.United Kingdom is my second Home Land when I married Born my dougther and get divorced.I left my job and home and go to Refuge where I get help my dougther then has 4 years old now 7.I don’t give up I was study and going to Courses to put my Skills up.Here I’m feel so lonely I can’t find any part time job 16 hours I finished Teaching Assistant Course before working and hotel.After divorce I care myself of my daughter and don’t get help from my ex so school holidays my daughter is with me.I don’t know what I must do I apply and apply and I’m rejected all time.Job Center ask me all time about job I so so worry what will be if they take benefits money what I will do?

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    Hi there

    I’m Justine one of the moderators.  I’m sorry you are experiencing this at this time.  The benefit system can be difficult to understand at times.  To check out what your rights are you can speak to one of our trained helpline advisers.  They should be able to let you know what you are entitled too.  I hope that helps.



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    Hi Beata,

    I understand your concern about benefits but as long as you fulfil your commitments that you’ve agreed with your workcoach at the job centre they will not stop your benefits.

    It’s incredibly frustrating to want to work and not find anything. However you are a survivor so you have the courage to get through anything and I’m absolutely sure that you will find something so don’t lose hope.

    Good luck


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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