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    Just the 1 kid, in primary. Been working as a T.A for years but it’s having a tole on my mental health.
    Kids Dads moved about 4hours away into the unknown countryside, on some kind of spiritual journey / midlife crisis? I don’t understand but he’s broke and it seems smelly.
    Anyway, I can’t afford to quit my job. I also struggle day to day with mental health issues. The job is triggering me… Anyway my theory is I can retrain?
    I’m passionate about gardening and wildlife.
    I’ve found courses I can do, jobs I can apply for in the meantime BUT
    How does childcare work when you’re a single mum and you have to work full time? There’s nobody I can rely on to do the extra time.
    Her Father says she can go and live in the static caravan in the derelict land of the unknown… I say no. She needs stability, nurture, her family, friends, access to the world rather than some new-age, good intentioned, cult.
    It’s a low income job at a garden centre I’m looking at whilst I’m studying but that’s short term. It’s a bit of a commute to the job, but nothing silly.

    But yeah. What do I do?
    I live with a boyfriend who owns a house but is just getting back to work gradually after covid (he’s a live musician)

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    I hope you don’t mind me asking ,I’m just very curious:

    What’s a live musician?

    Besides for being the opposite of a dead one.

    That would be decomposer I suppose.Which might explain the gardening connection i’m thinking.I

    Anyway would it be an option for your daughter to hang around in the live musicians house if you’re living with him there and he’s not properly back to work yet(due to covid) and she’s in primary school most of the day? Could you not work while she’s in school and do your studying when she’s home?

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    Well it’s an alive one, but also plays live events like festivals, weddings, bars etc
    Daughter lives with me at the alive fellas house. The issue for me is finding work which fits around school hours.
    I don’t have childcare support options; this is why I worked in a school.
    Working in the school is severally impacting my mental health, it’s no longer viable.
    I’ve tried lots of options to make it work but I just can’t and I don’t see how else the school can accommodate my needs.

    There’s just got to be a way though…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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