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    My ex partner of 5 years walked out on me and my baby when he was 3 months he is now 6 months, finding everything really hard how do you cope 😩

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    Hi Alannaxo72

    Sorry to hear things are tough for you right now. You’re not alone! Do you have any support from family? How about baby groups near you? I used to take mine to a music group when they were small. The endless nursery rhymes got a bit tedious but the kids loved it and we had a cuppa/biscuits after! It was a good way to meet people and get out of the house.  If there are no Gingerbread groups near you there may be Meetup groups (google them if you haven’t heard of them) and they often have a single parents group with lots of activities especially at weekends. Hope things get a bit easier for you and look after yourself : )


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    Get family around you or good friends…I am also going through this and every day I feel different accept them emotions cry if u need to cry pinch the pillow…but then concentrate on you get back into doing things u like doing…spend time on yourself….I have 4 kids and was eith my partner for 4 years only one of them is his he walked out without even a tear and it is going to be hard…but do u k ow what I’ve done it b4 with my ex and I will get over this too, u need to find your inner warrior that will keep you strong, try not to remember the good bits of the relationship that will only hurt you…. focus on how wonderful you are, and then u will start to realise that he wasnt worth your time in the first place xxxx hugs read a new earth for a better life it has stopped the tears for me xxx

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    Yea I have been it’s so hard but I have my good and bad days I’m just getting on with it taking it day by day thank you for the reply xxx

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    Hi I only really have my mum but she is also a single parent my younger brother is severely autistic so no not got much help/support to be honest. Yea I’ve started going to baby groups which is helping, thanks for the reply and advice xx

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    I’m sorry you’re going through this. I’m 6 months pregnant and my husband has walked out on me and my 3 children so I can relate to how you feel.

    I split up from my eldest child’s father when she was only a baby so I know how hard it is. I found that going to lots of mum and baby groups helped, just getting out and meeting new people. You’ll be surprised at how many other mums are in a similar situation as yourself. You will get through this I promise. You’ll find an inner strength you never knew you had! And if you want to talk more please feel free to message me. I’m alone in the evenings now so I’m happy to talk to you x

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