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    Me and my partner had a break in March due to me finding out he had been speaking to other women, so I kicked him out we were split up a fair few weeks in that time he slept with that woman once , caught Chlamydia and got her pregnant, I ended up going back to my daughters dad as it was familiar to me, it was unintended but just happened then that was that, me and my partner ended up getting back together end of March/very start of April and everything was open and put on the table; Everything was great until I found out he was arranging to meet a girl in July, pleaded and begged with me that it was nothing: back to normal then this happened again this month so I had enough and said It wasn’t working anymore and it would be best to split up civilly, he didn’t like it and I ended up having to call the police which was a domestic incident he smashed some things in my flat with a baseball bat at 12 o clock when my 2 year old daughter was in bed, ended up running before police came. I found out he then arranged to stay in a hotel with his ex the following day. Didn’t end up happening as I confronted him and he was making out it was all my fault, since then he swears blind the baby isn’t his, my due date is 29th January which means I conceived early may there is no chance it’s not his baby, he is convinced it isn’t wether it is because he has been drinking to block out this and believing himself I do not know. Yesterday I went shopping with 2 friends and ended up seeing him he made a comment and we walked off, then I sat outside with my friend and saw he was sitting in the pub opposite the next minute I look up from my phone he is there saying what’s going on I said there’s nothing to talk about the same old thing that its not my baby, your lying about the dates the doctors said your further gone than you thought, etc etc, then I tried walking off he followed me grabbed my phone to which I didnt let go so he was basically in swinging me with it, he then tried walking off with it so I followed to get it back we had to call the police due to things that happened he smashed my phone throwing it up to a 2nd story window threw a box of flowers at me and a friend. I’ve been thinking wether abortion is my best option; I love him so much but he can not love me for these actions and I can’t see myself Having another child and not being with either of the fathers and having to do this all alone, I can barely afford to live with just me and my daughter, and I’m just feeling so broken and distraught. I’m waiting for a message from him which I know I’m not going recieve as he is due to be arrested and I have been advised to apply for a non molestation order. But then on other half of me is doubting that I should get an abortion because it’s a baby inside of me then I resort back to the above reasons, then I think a stupid part of me wants to go ahead so I will have a link to him which is obviously if he ever believes the baby is his . I don’t know what I’m asking you guys for but my family and friends are all one sided and it’s just hard thinking to myself what I am going to do . I found out yesterday that he posted over social media that I’ve tricked him into this baby and he’s not the dad and worse it’s had 100s of comments and I can not function it’s making me so confused I can’t bring a child into this world in this situation. I’m waiting for him to accept a dna test which I am paying nearly 1000 for because i know this baby is his and I want to clear my name I just don’t know wether to go ahead with the baby or to terminate to possibly give me and my daughter a better quality of life



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