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    1. Hi I’m a qualified beauty therapist have been for 8 years. I’m 27 years old with a 15 month old. I’d really like to retrain and I’m thinking of children work. Has anybody had experience beginning a new education with a young child? Any advice or tips would be great. I have no help for childcare from family or friends as I have had to relocate due to domestic violence.

    thanks for reading 🙂

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    Hi rl1991

    I retrained when my daughter was 4 and I did 2 in work apprenticeships through my job at the local children’s centre. You have to be careful about what sort of training you take on as it may affect any benefits you receive. I was working under the 16 hour threshold for a year while I took my level two in childcare so was still getting income support (universal credit has not been fully rolled out where I live at the time).

    I had to get some experience first of all before I could apply for any jobs in the sector so volunteered for a year and a half while my daughter was at preschool at the children s centre at several groups and the baby clinic and also at my daughter’s preschool. I then applied for the job on the proviso I did the qualifications.

    If you go through a college or home learning company you will have to do placements while you study. You will also need to do a level 3 early years educator qualification as most childcare establishments ask for this as a minimum (this will require you to work more hours than level 2).

    There is the choice of doing childbearing in your home or someone else’s like a nanny, but I don’t know anything about that. You could probably find information from your local children’s centre, college, library or job centre.

    You may also have to take core skills exams alongside your childcare qualification which are maths, English and always IT depending on when you did your qualifications at school and what grades you got, as there are some minimum qualification requirements on these courses now.

    It was a really hard slog with  home, going back to work and studying to fit in as there is regular written and homework however you do it and sorting out the money side of it all was tricky and long winded but so worth it in the end. I started off with 2 part time jobs to make up the hours but once I got I going O soon picked up more hours at one place so I could give up the other.

    Things you need to think about whether you are working full of part time hours are what sort of contract you are being offered….is it term time only and if it is, will you be paid in 12 monthly payments or only the months you work and what times you start finish as lots of places offer early starts and late finishes.

    If you wanted to work with s school age children, you can do similar  qualifications for being a learning support assistant. You will.have to do placements for these as well.

    Hope this has all been helpful, if you can do it if is well worth it. Such a rewarding job!!

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