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    I’m reaching out for some support. I am a single mum trying to hold down my full time job in this coronavirus and have a 7 month old baby to look after all on my own.

    I feel I can’t talk to anyone as no one understands my desperation. Everyone has partners to support them and some are even enjoying this time of lockdown as they are spending more time with their babies.

    I’m just constantly on duty trying to work and care for my baby girl. I’m on my knees with exhaustion and last week it took me 4 days just to get out of my flat.

    really could do with some support from other single mums as I’m feeling very alone and isolated at the moment.


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    I’m sorry to read about your situation.

    Have you talked with your employers?

    Something has got to give way because you have to remain healthy, and you just can’t magic hrs. Before all this, I’m sure the time you weren’t at work you were busy with your 7 month old in mornings and evenings so you can’t find hrs to work in evenings and mornings when he /she is not awake.

    I have two children at home with me but they are 4 and 7. I am working 2 hrs in the morning early until they get up. I go to bed with them almost. No time for myself, but just doable.



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    hi I am working full time from home with a 6yo. Very different to a 7m baby!

    you need to speak to your boss to tell them that you are happy working at home but need to have flexibility on your hours because of th enforced child care situation you are in. Legally they have to consider flexible working although in this covid19 time I would hope that they just say “yes do whatever you need to do” without you having to fill out forms!

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    I’m struggling the same I’m working with two infants in my lap touching the lap top. You are certainly not alone.  What are your duties? Can you speak to boss and just be less productive. You can be working your hours but as also with your child you are doing two things at once and so will obviously not get as much done. But it’s not like yu are going anywhere. Your home is now your office and you baby has come to work with you. You are at work but not getting much completed. Speak to them as it just is not possible to do everything. I have no support either and no family to help so I know how it feels like you are banging your head against a brick wall when people just don’t get it. My employers said take unpaid leave. I can’t!  They said take annual leave – I can’t because I need it later in year and anyway even if I had it would now have run out! And they said everyone must share childcare with their partners while working or other members of household.  Well there I’s no one else in my household!! 2 week in I was at snapping point. But I spoke to my manager and he was was understanding and I thought well if I keep doing the impossible they will expect me to keep doing it. If it’s not possible don’t do it. Do what is possible and then say hey my baby has been fractious all day so I’m not able to get a’s much done as I hoped… see how they react. I did that and turns out despite telling me they expected me to do everything as usual when I just didn’t they didn’t make a fuss! You are not a magician. Everyone is in a difficult place right now. Stay healthy and look and after yourself and  your child. be honest with your manager. Let them hear the baby on the phone! Wish you well xxx

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