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    So I’m on Universal credit currently and I live in a council house. I’ve got two boys 3 and half years old and 20 month old. They go to their dads every weekend

    I really want to work but I’m scAred Id be struggling more, and I have no childcare except for weekends but that’s impossible to work because I have to drop the kids off at a certain time after the dad finishes work and then Sunday they either get dropped off or I have to meet their dad to pick them up at 2/3 pm.

    what are my options, help please anyone

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    Have you considered work from home at all?

    I’ve no idea what your background or qualifications are but you could always re-train if you saw something that interests you as there are many qualifications and experience that you can get either for free or through grants.

    There are some free courses here:


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    Hiya @welshdad yes I used to be a blogger but packed that in made very little and the point of me wanting work is to get a little break really from being in the house 🤣 drives me mental staying in all day

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    What kind of work would you enjoy?

    Working with old people, working with animals, working with children? Or how about getting a little bar job for over the weekends or a restaurant or volunteering at a library gaining experience. Could you start doing some studying maybe to look towards when your children are older and in school?

    I have seen on Indeed jobs for just weekend work, perhaps have a search on that job site, see if anything fits around your circumstances? I know it’s not easy tho but you may be able to find something out there that suits you.

    Do you know that as a single parent you can earn just under £190 per month before UC take anything off your benefits?

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    Hiya I love animals, I would like to work in the hospital but I have a university degree in creative media computing .. but my passion for that died in the 3rd year 😩


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    So sack the creative media computing career huh?

    Ok so I know hospitals are always looking for volunteers, it would get you out of the house and give you the chance to use your brain in a different way. I’m pretty certain you would need to have a DBS for hospitals but they would pay for it I’m sure.

    Or how about giving your free time to an animal sanctuary if there is one nearish to you?


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    Hi! I hope you’ve already found a solution, but if not, can I give you some advice? I understand how difficult to find a job in your situation, but if your resume is not so good, keep in mind that a well-written cover letter will increase your chances of getting a job. As a divorced woman who didn’t work for the long term, I was faced with such a problem. By the by, I’ve had a problem even to write it well)) but this site helped me, and I’ve landed a secretary position. There are a lot of other samples, also. Good luck!

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    Without a job or income, I don’t know how to pay my expenses. I think you need to create your own schedule of the day. Then you will be in time

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