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    Tiger Mummy

    Hi all superhero single parent peers,

    I’m start loosing myself and my mental health is impacted big times during this 3rd lockdown. I survived the first one somehow , wasn’t easy , but made it through. I was lucky to been able to work through the 2nd one in November while schools were still open. But this time , I didn’t get a place as a vulnerable family in the school for my daughter, my childminder is still shut , I don’t have any family member in the UK. So I’m struggling and can’t coop anymore.
    I can’t work while I’m home schooling and can’t even go for a walk on my own. Feel like I can’t even breath and loosing myself completely. I’m studying as well, doing a diploma in counselling. But can’t focus on my studies either as I’m 24/7 occupied with my daughter. Both of ours mental health is impacted and my finances as well, due to stop working as a self employed. I’m looking for other single parents in lewisham/ hither green / Catford/ ladywell area (SE13) whom are in the same shoes, and Wouod like to have some free time, create a support bubble and help each other with occasional baby sitting. My daughter is 8yeats old, well behaved, healthy, happy child . Gets on well with everyone really. I have a background in fine art and teaching . So I can offer extra art lessons, creative activities , teaching children  painting and crafts. I have been a private art tutor for a long time, but changed carrier and started to study again.
    let me know if you would like to do the same!
    Looking forward to hear from you

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    welcome onto her.

    I’m sorry I’m of no use to you due to location.

    Just to say I feel for you in your difficult situation.I like your idea very much & i wld like to do that with some of the ppl My kids know.I hope you realise you are just normal not coping in these abnormal times,it must be very challenging to stay sane specially being here with no family at all.I hope things will get a lot better for you soon & you get some much needed breathing space & find company for your daughter!

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    is your child’s father available to help out?

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