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    So I have a 10 month old, me and my sons Dad split before I even found out I was pregnant.

    Its been rocky the whole time – him not showing up for visits or cancelling last minute or constantly changing times and days.

    He finally showed some interest in having regular contact by taking me to mediation, within one week he changed 3 visits and cancelled one 40 minutes before he was due to come. Meanwhile, I’m changing plans and not going to our usual groups so he can come.

    I’ve been in touch with the mediator to bring our next meeting forward and he refuses to do so.

    I’m so stressed, I barely sleep and I just feel totally alone. I don’t have that many friends so it’s really important for me to get to these groups and have contact with other people besides my parents and my Granny.

    I just want to know if anyone else feels this way or if I am going totally crazy. If you’ve made it this far through my rabble then Thankyou so much!

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    You need to send your ex a week planner to stick on his fridge.

    Mark your groups, which are AbSOlUTELY fixed. They are your red lines. If he needs to change his visits, ok, within reason but your groups are sacred, and he needs to fit round them or miss seeing his child.

    it’s time to start saying no! Calmly.  The mediator will back you up, so don’t be stressed. You are doing really well x

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    Thankyou I need to start to do this, I’m going to go to my Dads and use his computer to make up like my weekly diary  before/if he comes today x

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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