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    My daughter is 2, and her mother hasn’t allowed me to spend proper father-daughter time with my daughter. She has refused to let me have my daughter in my Space or in my home. The only way I get to see my daughter is by going to her mums house after work and spending about 2/3 hours with my daughter under her mums supervision. The only alone time I get to spend with my daughter is when I pick her up from nursery and bring her back to her mums house which is about a 20mins walk. If I want to take my daughter out to Soft play, her mum has implied that she has to be there to watch me. Sometimes when I make plans to take my daughter out, when the actual day comes she’s made other plans, resulting to me not being to take my daughter out.

    Im in need of advice on how to seek child arrangements because I’ve tried to communicate this with her in regards to me having my daughter  and she’s not willing cooperate.

    I even suggested trying to have my daughter for a certain amount of hours on the weekends and dropping her back, but again she has refused. So I’m currently fighting a losing battle at the moment, I send her money every month without fail (Money for my daughters well being and Her nursery fees on top of that). All I want is to be able to spend time quality father-daughter time with my princess

    I don’t know if I’m asking for too much as my daughter is only 2, but Any Help will be much appreciated


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    I hope your doing ok. Yes it’s not right that your parenting time with child is being controlled and restricted in this way. From age 2, my kids were staying overnight with me. I had to go through the courts to get a decent arrangement in place. I can not give you legal advice, but feel free to message me for any tips/suggestions.

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    Andrew uk

    I currently don’t see my children. I did have supervised contact (supervised by her) but that ended in April. I haven’t seen them since then and won’t see them until February, at the earliest.

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    Wow! That’s not right at all and it’s not fair on you to have to go through that.


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    Hi all

    Sounds like there are some very good dads here who just want to see their children.

    All I can say is keep on trying and fighting for what u want, which is to have quality time with your daughter.

    I wish my children’s dad was half as dedicated as you are. Puts in less than 50% effort and such a poor role model to them 😪💔 more interested in starting a new life with the woman he had an affair with!!!!

    Feel free to message to rant or to talk👍

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    Hi Fella,

    Firstly really feel for you as your situation is totally unfair on the child just as it is on you. Court seems like your only option mate and you should do this without delay. Take a look at a C100 form (just put it into google) and start there. Very best of luck to you and your child. Drop me a message should you wish to mate cause it sounds really tough what your going through. Best of luck!!!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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