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    Hi there I’m Single dad who will be moving to London from egypt this summer with my six years old daughter and I’m very worried about how am I going to live with her alone while working in an eight hours job if anyoneCan help me by advising the best arrangement during school days and during holidays and summer holiday I would appreciate.

    I would like to know also the cost of childcare after school and during the summer holiday

    Thank you

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    A lot of state schools offer breakfast club and after school club, so you may be able to drop your dd at school at maybe 8am, and then collect her at 6pm. That’s for 5 days a week, 39 weeks a year. Likely cost is £10-£12 per day.

    The other 13 weeks a year are school holidays. Holiday clubs are available for summer, Easter and half terms but not normally Xmas. Daily rate varies from about £25 -£50 per day depending on where in the country you are. Or you could try to find a childminder for holidays, that can be less expensive.

    if you work in the UK you should get at least 4 weeks holiday to cover some of it.

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    You can also access Ofsted reports on the places you are interested in for looking after your child when you get to the UK.

    Ofsted inspect all childcare places, including schools, on the quality of care that is given to children and publish the results. These results can be easily accessed on the internet. An Outstanding result from Ofsted is the best that can be given. Next best is a Good result, after that there is Requires Improvement and then comes Inadequate. So it’s always best to see what Ofsted say about the place you’re looking to choose for your child.

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