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    i am a single dad.  I have two boys with complex additional support needs.  I have no friends or family around me to support or chat to me.  We have just been allocated after years of pushing support to help us in the home, and to get the boys out.  However I have no one to talk to and was advised to contact Gingerbread.  I am originally from Gloucestershire, but living just outside Glasgow.  I am looking for people to talk to and make some friends.

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    Healing Light

    Good evening Superdad.

    How are you & your boys doing ?

    Am from South Gloucestershire and spent a couple of months living in central glasgow years ago. Gls is a lovely city. Am a lone parent (mother.) My child is 3 going on 33 lol. Like you i find it a wee bit boring not having adult friends around or a social life. We do get to playgroup once a week but not much more than that due to my health.

    Pleasure to meet you.


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    Thanks for your reply.  I’m originally from the forest of Dean.  Where I live there is no support groups.  I was in a single dad group but a change of funding meant I wasn’t able to attend.  My two boys are 17 and 10.  Both have a mental age of around 5-6 years and 18 months.  So at present finding myself interaction with this age group.  I have no one to talk to.  No friends or family.  I was made single through no choice.  Social work became concerned around the boys mums behaviour.  The boys are my world but wound be nice to have a social life.

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    Good afternoon superdad.


    Hope you and the boys are ok.


    Feel free to chat whenever you want to. You are not alone

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    Thanks for the reply.  It seems I’m not the only one feeling isolation


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    Thanks to this website you know there are always people to talk to.


    If you have any problems you don’t feel scared to ask for help.


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