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    Good Afternoon,

    I am a single dad with 2 young boys (5&7) since 2014.

    Unfortunately, I have been convicted of an offence that does not get removed from my record now, until September 2021 and it seems almost impossible to find a decent job. I recently worked for DHL just working in customer services over the phone and for some reason they require a DBS check for that!

    Can anyone help me please, im looking for work in Leeds/Wakefield area, but i have no guidance on who will ask for the DBS checks, if they are mandatory etc. There seems to be no decent information out there to be able to make this conclusive and im hoping may be able to help me with this??

    Moreover, I have a shared ownership property (50/50 with housing association) – £210 rent, £245 mortgage., but with the way Universal credit works, I can only get partial housing benefit (roughly £160) and this is no where near enough to cover the housing costs. I’ve been to CAB and they are just kids 16/17 who’ve left school and have no life skills what so ever and seem to know less than I do. Surely there is help available out there for those in this situation?


    1. If I was living in private – Rent £450 – £400 covered by housing benefit – £50 shortfall = Affordable
    2. My situation – Shared ownership – £210 Rent £240 – £160 covered by housing benefit – £290 shortfall = Not affordable

    While I am out of work I’m claiming for Universal Credit, and this includes Housing benefit, child tax credits and ESA, does anyone know if there is anything else i could possibly be entitled to that the DWP like to keep under their hat?

    Many thanks in advance

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    I guess companies will do a dbs check if someone will have access to people’s personal addresses, phone numbers, any kind of financial info, anything to do with children or vulnerable adults or handling cash.

    so that leaves commercial warehousing, labouring, construction, goods driving, agriculture, fisheries, commercial cleaning  kitchen work etc.  Landscaping companies maybe? Waste management?

    Have you tried talking to your local church? Be upfront about the issue and ask for advice.

    also do you have a character reference? Someone who would vouch for you being a hard worker?

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    Hi single dad

    Thanks for sharing your story on the forum. If you’d like advice on benefits and finances you can ring Gingerbread’s adviceline on 08088020925. Lines open again on 2nd January.

    Another organisation that might help is Unlock. They give advice to people with convictions on their rights

    Take care


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