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    Hi, I am unsure what to do at the moment and need some advice. I haven’t been able to see my 2 year old daughter in 6 or 7 weeks now. I turned up to my ex partners place as arranged about 5 weeks ago but there was no answer at her door, not sure if they were in. I tried calling a couple of times and have messaged her about 10-15 times since without reply. I know she has been online. She goes through stages of not letting me see my daughter but this is a new low. She cheated so I left her before she knew she was pregnant (yes my daughter is mine, I got a dna test). I have done nothing to warrant this treatment. I am not a criminal and have never been in trouble at all or mistreated our daughter (would not even think about it!). I am on a tight budget each month as I rent alone but she already has a partner who has moved in to her place already. Feel like I’m going insane not being able to see my daughter! I tried mediation but my ex did not respond to them so I got sent a form saying I could take her to court but the fee is £215 to apply and I don’t even have £5 spare each month. My question is this: because I pay nearly £200 in child maintenance but am being denied access or any contact at all, can I not pay this month and use it to pay the fee for a court order application? Just need some thoughts, thanks

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